Where to Find Free Moving Boxes

Where Can I Get Moving Boxes for Free?

Where to Find Free Moving Boxes


I had to move recently. I had to find out recently where the ideal locations are to obtain free moving boxes.


Anyone who has relocated knows what a pain moving is. Nobody really saves all of their old boxes from before. I did wind up preserving a ton of information about where to find moving boxes for free.


These are a few of the top resources that I, along with our readers, have found. (With all of these examples, if at all possible, make sure to phone ahead to save time!


First, Post on Your Feed

Best Places for Free Moving Boxes

First and foremost, if you have one, post on the social media feeds you use the most, such as Facebook, Twitter, and so on. You likely know someone who recently relocated and would appreciate you picking up their boxes.


The most straightforward and frequently successful free-moving box trick is this one.


Remember that individuals, excluding those you know directly, occasionally give away boxes on Craigslist. Remember to look at nearby cities as well!

Top Companies to Get Free Moving Boxes

Solid, Free-Moving Boxes Are Frequently Found at Liquor Stores

Liquor Store Moving Boxes


Bookstore Moving Boxes

Although it did not occur initially, this thought makes perfect sense. Have you ever had to relocate bookcases?  Learning that A) books should be packaged in small boxes and B) those boxes better be damned robust only takes one time. Thus, bookstores are a great place to find robust crates, just like liquor stores.


Close to an academic bookstore? Try your luck first because those locations are accustomed to students requesting boxes.


Grocery Store Moving Boxes

While grocery stores might seem like the best and most obvious place to get boxes, they’re frequently extremely busy, and it’s hard to tell if you’ll strike gold at any given hour. However, if a supercenter like Walmart, Target, or a neighborhood supermarket chain is nearby, compile a list of the closest ones and call them before heading over. You won’t need to search far!


Recycling Center Moving Boxes

And finally, it can be the only stop you need to make if there is a recycling facility nearby! See if you can find a recycling center nearby by searching on Google.


For those of you who are planning a major move, this helps ease the process. Although it takes a lot of work, knowing the inside scoop might make things easier!