packing supplies for moving

What packing supplies do I need?

What supplies do I need for packing?

How do I decide what supplies I'll need for packing?

packing supplies for moving

What supplies do I need for packing?


You will undoubtedly be able to find lovely wrapping paper, gift bags, and vibrant ribbons to properly package your chosen presents when making holiday gifts. You will undoubtedly provide wheeled suitcases and travel bags when getting ready for a trip so that you can pack your personal belongings efficiently. You must have enough packing supplies on hand to properly pack all of your earthly belongings in advance of a move.

Given the size of the move, it is best to have a clear idea of the kind and quantity of packing materials you will require well in advance so that you have enough time to prepare everything you need and pack your items at your own pace. Be warned that the difficult task of packing your entire household and ensuring the safety of your belongings during transportation will require more than basic cardboard boxes and rolls of bubble wrap. If you plan ahead and determine exactly what supplies you need and how much of them you’ll need to buy, high-quality packing materials could save you a lot of hassle, time, and money.


You want a Free-stress move:

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How do I decide what supplies I'll need for packing?

One of the first steps in planning a residential move should be sorting through your possessions and deciding which ones you want to take. You can decide on the fate of each and every item in your possession with the aid of a floor plan for your new home and a thorough inventory list, ensuring that you only move items with a high level of practical, aesthetic, or sentimental value. Additionally, you will be able to recognize the items that, due to their size, weight, fragility, odd shapes, or high value, will need special packing. So take some precise measurements (depth, height, width, and the diagonal dimensions of each piece), calculate how many packing supplies you’ll need, and start looking for packing supplies!

Where can I find supplies for packing?

New packing materials can be ordered online, bought from a nearby moving company, or found at places like mail services, office supply stores, etc. Spend some time comparing prices, looking for bargains, and making sure you have all the specialty materials needed for some of your very valuable and delicate possessions.


Ask your loved ones, friends, neighbors, and coworkers if they have any good-quality packing materials that you can use. You can even use the available containers in your home (laundry baskets, buckets, etc.) that you will take with you anyway, or you can get some clean, sturdy boxes for free from nearby businesses. You can use old towels, newspapers, and other similar materials in place of professional wrapping and padding materials, but keep in mind that none of them will offer as much protection as bubble wrap, packing peanuts, cushioning foam, and other specialized goods.

What supplies do I need for packing?

The following items are essential when moving:


When moving houses, corrugated cardboard boxes are an absolute necessity. They offer the most effective way to ship household goods across the nation because they are practical, affordable, and convenient.

Boxes made of cardboard in various sizes.

You will require a lot of different-sized, well-kept, sturdy packing boxes. The precise number of moving boxes you will require varies depending on the distance you are moving, how you plan to transport your belongings, and, of course, the size of your household. Typically, you should have about 10 small boxes, 7-8 medium boxes, and 5 large boxes ready for each room.

Don’t forget to add sturdy packing tape to the bottoms and corners of the moving boxes when packing your household items to ensure the security of your belongings. It’s a good idea to add a layer of clean corrugated paper for padding along the walls and the bottom. Additionally, avoid making the boxes too heavy because they could collapse under their own weight.

Box specialties

You are advised to obtain specialty boxes in order to adequately protect your priceless and delicate possessions:

Fine clothes can be stored in wardrobe boxes;

Custom-built boxes for artwork and mirrors are made to fit the unique shapes of your items. Additionally, the majority of them include frame protectors that can be fastened to the corners of your piece to guard against damage while being moved;

File boxes are a very practical way to organize and safeguard your documents both during shipping and once they arrive at their new location;

Just a few more examples of the various specialty boxes you may find useful for your move include lamp boxes, mattress boxes, and crib boxes.

Materials for wrapping and cushioning

You must carefully wrap your possessions to prevent them from shifting inside the boxes and to guarantee that they are completely intact during the move. As a result, be sure to have enough packing materials, such as:

Newspapers will leave ink stains on your possessions, but packing paper won’t. It offers excellent protection for glass surfaces, protruding parts, and other delicate elements while keeping your items tidy and well-cushioned. Excellent padding material is crumpled packing paper;

The best way to protect delicate goods and electronic equipment during shipping is with bubble wrap. Simply wrap your breakables and valuables in bubble wrap so that the air-filled material absorbs any unwanted shocks during transportation and protects them until you arrive at your new home;

Plastic wrap can help you out during the moving process in a variety of ways, including keeping drawers and cabinet doors in place, keeping appliance cords safely wrapped around furniture, bundling up clothing, bedding, and electric cords, moving boxes, packing entire drawers without emptying them, preventing dust and dirt from getting to your belongings while in transit, and protecting your possessions.

if you’re planning a long-distance move, it’s crucial to hire the best long-distance mover in Mooresville to handle the logistics and transportation of your belongings over a significant distance.

To protect mattresses and upholstered furniture, plastic covers are used.

various bags

Mattress bags will keep your mattresses clean and safe during the move, sealable bags are great for keeping small items together, vacuum bags are perfect for packing clothes and bedding because they save space, and even simple garbage bags can be used to hold your bric-a-brac. Bags of all shapes and sizes come in very handy when packing up your home for a move.

Wrapping paper

When it comes to sealing your boxes or tightening the wrapping around a large item, packing tape is of the utmost importance. It’s also a good idea to have a packing tape dispenser because it will expedite your packing process and calm your nerves when you accidentally tape your fingers together or the tape gets stuck to itself.

Strong ropes and moving straps can be used to secure furniture doors, drawers, already-packed items on the dolly or inside the moving truck, hold-down wrapping supplies, and more.

Residential movers specialized in household moves will be well-equipped to handle all your packing needs and ensure the safety of your items during transportation.

Enduring markers

You can label your boxes and designate the rooms where they belong with the aid of markers. You will be able to locate the items you require quickly because you will be aware of the precise contents of each box.

A wide range of small hand tools, specialized moving tools, and safety supplies will also greatly accelerate your efforts and produce effective and secure packing.

moving companies in my area

There are several moving companies in Mooresville that offer professional moving services. Take the time to research and compare different moving companies to find the one that best fits your requirements and budget.

In conclusion, whether you’re moving locally or long distance, it’s important to have the right supplies for packing. Make sure to have shifting boxes, various sizes of cardboard boxes, sturdy packing tape, box specialties for delicate items, materials for wrapping and cushioning like bubble wrap and packing paper, plastic wrap, moving blankets, packing peanuts, cushioning foam, plastic covers for mattresses and furniture, various bags, wrapping paper, markers for labeling, and other essential tools and supplies. By having the necessary packing supplies, you can ensure the safety and protection of your belongings throughout the moving process.